Omm ! and le Tigre Yoga Club openings…


It’s OMM…

« I have OMmazing news – there are more and more fabulous yoga spots opening all across Paris! While I still keep a place in my heart for the original studios like Rasa Yoga, Be Yoga, Big Apple Yoga and Le Klay, it’s great to discover new places, particularly beautiful and spacious ones with – gasp! – friendly people inside. Why the gasp you ask ? When I first started yoga-ing in Paris many moons ago, it was a stretch (pun very much intended, have we met?) to get anyone to smile at the yoga classes I attended. Everyone was so serious. A sample scene: Me: “Bonjour!” Very chic French woman next to me: “Pardon, you’re in my aura.” True story. Today, however, yoga has become much more mainstream and … fun !

Most yoga studios offer different disciplines and classes with a variety of instructors from many backgrounds so that each person can find a type of yoga that fits into his or her lifestyle.

I am particularly fond of two new studios that just opened recently.

I already love Le Tigre Yoga Club…and Omm ! studio is located off of the rue Turenne in le Marais, not far from the Place des Vosges. This off-the-beaten-path spot is off of a small side street and through a secret alleyway. Inside is a luminous studio complete with a cute tea room filled with wellness magazines and yogis from le neighborhood and beyond.

I highly recommend a Qi Gong class with Franck, an expert in Shiatsu whose Qi Gong class is accessible and practical and so comforting.

Omm ! offers classes by some of my favorite Parisian yogis and yoginis like Julia Truffaut, Klara and Klara

Rebecca Leffler  I

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